What You need to Know About Plumbing

If you went through this web site you probably have come across the reason why I chose to start my company; Vantuz Service Plumbing & Rooter. I will remind my readers the same reason because I firmly believe in the same: “I had seen that these big companies that I was working for were only after one thing; “money!” with little concern for the customer. That’s when I decided to start my own company Vantuz Service Plumbing NYC & Rooter where you the consumer can rest assured that my employees and I will always have the customer’s best interest in mind.”

We strongly value our customer and always seek for an opportunity to educate you about plumbing. My greatest desire is to ensure my client is not intimidated by any situation that requires plumbing even before they get us on the ground. Our company will always give you any secret that will enable you to get the best service in plumbing and value for your money. As we said from the beginning, we appreciate you (our customer) more than money.

Maybe you have never thought about your plumbing system when it’s working efficiently, but when things are in a mess, you find it difficult to comprehend where the problem might exact be coming from. It is the time we help you get some general idea about plumbing system. This will save you the nuisance encountered during emergency breaks and massive expenditures in repairs.

Our company is ever ready to do the job for you, we are indeed the top plumbing company in town, but we do not hide our joy whenever our client understands what we are doing. That’s why we are educating you about a few things you must know about plumbing:

Learn the dos and donTts: it is important you find out the things you should do to keep clean water flowing in your house and dirty water out of the house. Throwing garbage into the sink or flashing plastic bags in the toilet will possibly bring a disaster in your piping system. Ensuring strainers in your drains are working properly will save you the stress of calling plumbers due to blockage.

Pay attention to possible signs of wear and tear: without keen observation, hoses wear out and begin to leak. You need to watch out for possible signs of wear and tear and replace when not under pressure. Pipes that have stayed for over 10 years without replacement need to be replaced soon.

You should understand that PVC pipes come in different grades and ambient temperature use; you should get quality tubes for your replacements. Replace broken or inefficient shower heads.
Frozen water pipes: During winter the temperatures may be too low and end up with frozen water in your plumbing system.

This will cause water blockage in the pipes, a problem you can easily solve without spending huge monies in hiring a plumber. Identify areas where possibly affected by the frozen waters. Open the water outlets to allow melting waters steam out. Use a hair dryer or a heat lamp to warm along the frozen pipes.
Keep your drains moving: drains are easily blocked by dirt and backlog. You may quickly free your drains by pouring a glass baking soda and white vinegar down the drain. This ensures a boiling action which diffuses jammed stuff down the pipe and neutralizes stenches.

Identify cut-offs: always locate the cut off for central water to your homestead. This is important since some emergencies may require an immediate shut-off of the supply before contacting a plumber. In such a case the little loss of water is witnessed.

Seek to understand a few safety measures: A broken or spilling sewage hose can bring about dangerous bacterial infections. A burst on hot water pipe can easily cause severe burns on young family members. Slow water leaks can cause slippery floors among other dangerous situations; you need a little knowledge about plumbing system that will help quickly safeguard your home from such disastrous conditions.

Know and trust your service provider: you will always need your plumber to fix your system as accurate as possible. You need to know how fast you can get him right at home and trust his services. You need a professional who understands you and will give you the best quality service with or without the best pay.

New York Vantuz Service Plumbing & Rooter Company seeks to deliver a top mark of excellent service with the uppermost level of convenience and reasonable pricing. You will acknowledge our service and pick us for your maintenance and repair needs.


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