The Best 308 Rifle for Your Money

The best 308 rifle scope is a bolt-action rifle that is known for it's simplicity and versatility. In addition to this, the rifle is a good match for a number of activities- including hunting, sports shooting, and tactical activities- which is why it is an essential tool for any serious shooter. When it comes to this type of rifle, average prices can vary from $600 to $1,000. However, don't just go out and buy the cheapest brand because you may not be getting a good deal. Instead, take the following characteristics into account.

Tactical Use

Like with any gun, the ability to hit the target with precision is the most important aspect of the 308 rifle, especially when a person is using it for tactical purposes. However, readers should keep in mind that this type of rifle performs at its best when being shot from short to mid-range distances. If your goal is to achieve maximum accuracy, a 308 that is geared toward a more tactical approach would suit your needs well.

A Good Choice:

The most cost-effective rifle would be the Remington 700 Tactical AAC-SD, which generally costs about $700. This gun has been used by police officers across the United States for years, so readers can rest assured and know that it's reliable.


-It's 20 inch barrel length makes it a great fit for close and mid-range shooting.

– It has really good accuracy, at both close and long-range distances.

-The recoil isn't too much to handle.


-The only real drawback to this rifle is that the stock's comb could be too low for a shooter to comfortably rest on their cheek.


If you desire a rifle that you can hunt with, then your focus doesn't have to be on accuracy because any average 308 rifle will work well for you in terms of hitting the target. Instead, focus on weight. Hunters often travel on foot for long period so a lightweight rifle is essential.

A Good Choice:

The Kimber Model 84M Classic would really work well for hunting.


-It's very lightweight. Hunters could carry around this rifle for the majority of the day without getting tired, if they had to.

-The rifle's handling is pretty decent.

-It's durable. This rifle will last you for many years, so the investment is definitely worth your money.


– The rifle is pricey, averaging around $1,200.

-It's not very accurate at far distances. However, the rifle would be able to perform just fine at the normal distance it takes the hunter to shoot a dear.

Target Shooting

Another typical field that 308 rifles are utilized in is sports shooting. The ideal rifle for this category of shooting would be one that is capable of shooting at longer distances than an average 308, meaning potential buyers will want to consider choosing a rifle that has a longer barrel length.

A Good Choice:

I wanted to save the best for last. The 308 Winchester would be a great fit for shooters everywhere.


–   Durable.

-It's 28 inch barrel makes it a good fit for short, medium and long-range shooting.

–   This gun was adopted by NATO in 1954, which means that it is considered to be pretty reliable.

–     It's fairly popular, so if you find yourself needing parts for this rifle (which you probably won't), you would not have too many issues finding the parts you need.

–      This rifle has performed well in all three categories of shooting, which is why this rifle is the ideal choice for people who are involved in multiple variants of shooting.


– It's pricing can be unpredictable. The prices for this rifle can be as low as $800 or as high as $1500, depending on where you look.

Readers need to evaluate what their needs are before they can truly determine what type of 308 rifle suits them the best. Although I listed many options above, my personal favorite is the 308 Winchester because any shooter, no matter what their interests or purposes are, can utilize this rifle effectively. It's definitely one of the most cost-effective rifles that you will find on the market. While it has the potential to be pricey, readers should keep in mind that they are essentially combining three rifles into one, due to the fact that it will perform well in whatever type of shooting you take part in.

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