Consequences Of Moistened Air To Our Health

Moistened air is what we refer to as humidity. This is in layman terms, the amount of moisture in the air.

When the air is too dry and we breathe it, upon exhaling, we tend to exhale moist air thereby creating an imbalance on the amount of moisture you exhale and the moisture you inhale.The consequences of moistened air for the health has both limitations and benefits as well.


Body Rehydration

The human body is composed of roughly 70% water and 30% solid (meat and bones). This being so, we need to keep our entire body hydrated at all times. Breathing humid air is one stealthy way of rehydration. This is done by ensuring the balance of moisture in the air exhaled and inhaled is maintained.

Respiratory benefits

When it comes to respiration, breathing moistened air has a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits include Natural expectorant- People cough due to irritation of the respiratory tract. Moistened air and specifically steamed air, lubricates the respiratory system when we breathe it and this eases the irritation that might have previously occurred. This enables the tract to heal well incase of inflammation eminence in the tract. Aromatherapy- this is done by the use of moistened air in the form of steam and adding essential oil or herbs and then breathing the air. You can use herbs like peppermint and or eucalyptus for sinus congestion easing. Chamomile and lavender can be used for headaches relief. Fennel, rosemary and sea buckthorn can be combined together and steamed for dry skin restoration.

Pore cleansing and body revelation

Moistened air surroundings raises body temperature. This in turn enhances sweating which opens up the pores. Moisture also helps unclog pores which are blocked by dirt, make-ups and dust particles. When these pores are unclogged, Sebum, the oil that the body secretes, rejuvenates the skin therefore giving you a healthy looking skin.


In all good things that we have or get, there is always a flipside. Moistened air has its own disadvantages as well as the advantages. Flare are some of the disadvantages

Interference with the body's cool-down mechanism

When there is excess moisture in the air, the weather becomes hotter. One of the way the body regulates temperature is by respiration. With humidity in the air, the body is unable to use this method of temperature regulation since the air inhaled is with a high moisture level. The failure by the body to control the heat in the body can cause effects such as heatstroke, heat syncope and fainting, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and many others.

Molds and allergens multiplication

Moisture increases the molds multiplication in the house. This can encourage allergy causing factors to multiply. This can affect people with various allergies e.g. to molds, dust and some bacteria to have complications. When they breathe or come into contact with the allergens or the air with the allergens, they can get allergy attacks and this could have serious consequences on their health.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are one way of regulating the amount of moisture in the air, read even more about it on site: Of essence is knowing the kind of climate or weather that where you live has in order to make an informed decision. Also, one needs to know people you live with before installing a humidifier or a dehumidifier in the house or room and take the appropriate precautions. There are easy to detect symptoms or signs that shows you that either there is moisture in the air or not. This symptoms for lack of moisture includes; dry skin, chapped lips and dry nasal passage. The symptoms for excess moisture includes; sweating, exhaustion, discomfort etc.

Find also this websites that can help you in finding out more on the effects of moisture:

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