About the Best Locksmith Company in Vallejo, CA

We have a dedicated, professional, experienced and well-trained team of several individuals who can provide 24/7 assistance to those needing locksmith services. Our team members can quickly gain you entrance into your vehicle, home, office, business, or safe in situations where you are locked out due to an emergency or lost and misplaced keys. Our team is also skilled at changing locks and installing new ones.

We provide our services at competitive rates and guarantee our services in the Vallejo area. We also are available to provide locksmith services every day of the week, at all hours, including holidays.

Vehicle Services

If you are ever locked out of your vehicle, we can gain you entry and replace the key for you. This is quickly completed so you can get on your way and you’ll no longer need to deal with that broken, bent, or lost key again with our car key replacement service. We can also reprogram your remote locking device if you use a remote key.

These services are in addition to the traditional lockout services provided when you’ve locked yourself out of your car or truck and left your keys inside. There are times, though, when your ignition switch is the problem, and while you can enter your car, the motor won’t turn over because the ignition system is damaged. If this is the problem you are faced with, we can install or repair the fire.

Commercial Establishment Services

Businesses need their locks to completely error free to protect their valuable investment. We have a security locksmith solution that provides you with matching locks throughout the entirety of your business, reducing the number of keys you need to just one, or as many as you desire. Our service can help you increase security by grouping different areas under different keys, instead of only one lock and key set, also. Our security experts are ready to help you increase your level of protection and safety.

Security can also be enhanced considerably by installing bars that will eliminate breaking and enter thefts. Along these same lines, we can install access control systems in many businesses and office buildings so that only certain areas are available at certain times or to certain individuals. Some of these systems can be built to work with security cameras, as well.

Shutter doors and fire doors are always an option in improving security, also. Fire doors are required in all states, including California, but sometimes they leave a hole in your security net. Our professionals have experience in closing this hole and setting you up with a system that provides both adherence to the law and improved security. They can also examine your alarm systems for burglary and fire and ensure that they are both in working order.

High-security locks can help ensure the safety with non-copyable keys and other features. This is an excellent option in the case of new hires and also with new policies that may eliminate part of your employee base through non-compliance by your staff. Our team is highly skilled in quickly changing or replacing locks, and choose high-quality brand names.
Residential Services

If you are locked out of your home, we can be there in minutes to open your door and let you into your home. In the case of divorce or domestic upheaval, we can change your locks for you in minutes. This service is also available, as is our key replacement service, in the event you’ve lost your keys – the choice is yours. We can also make you an additional key or keys to ensure you don’t get locked out or don’t want to leave your home, because of a lost key. We also service other types of locks and critical systems, such as post office keys, gate keys, padlock keys and shed doors.

Some of the same services we provide businesses and offices, we can provide to residences. These include security measures such as metal bars on windows, alarm systems for fire, burglary, and break-in, and carbon monoxide gas, and also security cameras that can be fed into your computer.

Security Services

Our general security authorities will leave you feeling well-protected. Our professional and experienced team members can install a safe in your business, office, or home, or open one that you’ve lost the combination to. This is a typical situation when someone changes the mix, as recommended, on a regular basis. We can provide you with the combination in the future, after we have reconfigured the mix, saving you lots of aggravation.

In addition to the traditional security camera, we now offer Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) packages, significantly increasing the safety of all employees and customers on your grounds. For use with staff, for either or both time worked or entry into different sections of your premises, we can install a biometric system that gives you control and a record of who was where and-and at which times.

Being locked out is always an emergency, and we understand your need for the fastest service possible. One of our team members will be with you as soon as possible, every day of the week, regardless of the hour you need us.

We are here to provide you with the best services available in the locksmith and security field. We have many years of experience where we have worked diligently to build our reputation as a trusted locksmith company and pride ourselves on having gained that confidence, knowing that having you rely on us is an honor and a privilege. We guarantee we will get you back into your vehicle, business, office, or home quickly and make sure you are secure with the keys and locks in functioning order.

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