A Handy Bag For The Handy People

A dog may be man’s best friend but tools are the engineers’ closest friends. An engineer without his tools and equipment is like a car without an engine, simply functionless. It takes great effort and sacrifice for an engineer to acquire these tools; some are literally worth a fortune. To ensure that the tools are transported and stored in a safe and befitting environment, an engineer’s bag will come in handy. Bags have been there for ages, but an engineer’s bag is more than the brightly colored flashy and trendy bag packs flooding the bag shops and the internet as well.

What do you look for?

Well, whether you are already that engineer or aspiring engineer and you are looking for the handy bag that will not only help in the transportation and packaging of your tools but also offer maximum comfort to you, you should consider the following:

  • The fabric used – a tough fabric is preferably the best choice an engineer should go for. A fabric that will be able to withstand the tension and stress caused by the bulky tools that the engineers normally carry. The bag should be made of either tough denim or canvas material.
  • The color – the bags are not a fashion statement. They are a safe haven where the engineers’ closest friends are kept. They are hence required to be of a darker shade that will be able to evade the stains that may want to attach themselves on the backpack.
  • The design – the bag should be spacious and well-padded for the engineers comfort sake while transporting his tools. The bag should also have good weight distribution to avoid a saggy look when heavily loaded. The bag should also have well designed pockets and harnesses to hold the engineers tools whether a calculator, T-square or a laptop computer. Should also be waterproofed to avoid destruction of equipment by water.
  • The shape – the bag should have a shape that fits most if not all of the tools. It should also have an eye pleasing shape.
  • The size – it should be big enough to accommodate all the tools that the engineer has. It can fit an array of tools and equipment such as computers, rulers, spanners, screw drivers, batteries, and flashlights among many other tools used by engineers while in the field.

There are various types of backpacks in the market for engineers to choose. These include:

Swiss army engineer mountain backpack – the backpack is made of leather with a metallic frame for the extra support. It has a spacious main compartment with waterproof rubberized vinyl construction. It has leather shoulder straps to provide added comfort and support.

Puma engineer backpack – the puma engineer backpack is made of canvas material with leather tool harnesses and well-padded shoulder straps. It has a rectangular shape and a spacious main compartment. It comes in various colors ranging from black, brown and jungle green.

Boss CB3 backpack – this is a mono compartment backpack with a cushioned interior. It features a silicon rubber base and can carry loads of up to 2000lbs.

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